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How to increase facebook chat box size font size, add emoticons

Facebook is one of the famous social media site. Facebook is used to communicate in world wide. chatting is one of the Facebook feature.if you want to make chat in pretty,you will add emotions.this article helps you to change the chat window size,font size and how to add emotions in chat.

chrome extension
  1. First you launch Google Chrome browser and open Pretty Facebook Chat extension download page. Click Add to Chrome button to download and install this extension. Once installed, you should see its icon at top right side of address bar in Google to change facebook chat box size
 Login into Facebook account and launch the chat window at bottom right to checkout handy customization options this extension offers.
  1. It makes chat window drag-able. Just drag chat box to any part of the screen. Also, chat box opens will cool animation giving more lively effect.
  2. You can increase size of text (font) displayed in the chat box. Just click the extension icon at top right of the browser and then move slider next to ‘Font’ option to increase or decrease font size. how to change font size in facebook chat box
  3. Similarly, you can increase size of Facebook chat box by moving slider next to ‘Sizes’ option. You can reduce or enlarge the chat box size as per your screen size and comfort to add emotions on facebook chatbox
  4. There is more, hover over emoticons option and you should lot more options now. There are graph icons, smiles, troll faces and lots more for emoticon fun during Facebook chat.


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